N|Solid Documentation



NodeSource has developed N|Solid to meet the needs of production enterprise environments. Built upon the experience and insights of several core contributors to the Node.js ecosystem, N|Solid provides live instrumentation of your production system's health and stability with no changes to your application code. In addition, N|Solid offers the ability to control access and define policies for your critical applications.

Overview of the N|Solid Components

"N|Solid Architecture"

N|Solid Runtime

At times, Node.js can feel like a black box. The shift to an asynchronous programming model changes how we interpret the data we do have and how we reason about it. In order to help customers gain more visibility, we provide the N|Solid Runtime. The N|Solid Runtime is a build of Node.js bundled with an advanced native C++ component, the N|Solid Agent. The N|Solid Agent runs on its own thread inside your application, with direct access to the V8 JavaScript engine and libuv, which are the core of Node.js.

The N|Solid Runtime provides access to metrics and allows you to control behavior at runtime. It also includes a powerful security policy model that allows restricting access to system resources by untrusted modules. A more secure memory allocation model is included to prevent unintended data exposure.

Node Compatibility

N|Solid 1.x is delivered bundled with a Node.js v4.x Argon LTS runtime. All N|Solid features are additive, meaning any application that runs on Node.js Argon will also work with N|Solid. To verify what version of Node.js that you have bundling N|Solid, use nsolid -v.

For more information about the Node.js API, consult the Node.js API Documentation.

N|Solid Hub

The N|Solid Hub provides a centralized service registry and proxy for all of your Node.js applications using N|Solid. It is designed to work with modern deployment models where services start or stop via auto-scaling or are simply containers of microservices in a cloud infrastructure.

N|Solid Console

The N|Solid Console provides centralized access to all of your applications and an aggregated view of each application's processes. This holistic view simplifies triage at runtime, makes it easier to look for outliers, and take advantage of advanced diagnostic tools directly from your browser.


The combination of the N|Solid Runtime, Hub and Console make N|Solid an invaluable tool for gaining insight into the behavior of your production applications at runtime.

Backed by NodeSource's 24x7 support, N|Solid adds enterprise-grade diagnostic and security features delivered on a release cycle that is aligned with Node.js Long Term Support (LTS) releases. This provides a stable, production platform for all of your Node applications.