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Filtering ang Tagging


You can use the NSOLID_TAGS environment variable to add tags that will be applied to a process. This can aid in identification and filtering, particularly in the Cluster view of the N|Solid Console. Tags can also be retrieved using the info command in the N|Solid CLI.

Setting Tags

$ NSOLID_APPNAME="leaderboard" NSOLID_TAGS="DC, us-east-1" nsolid app

Retrieving Tags

$ nsolid-cli info --force --app leaderboard

Example JSON Response

  "id": "57234c38b3f08dd8a3e9a567c82887a552c27b01",
  "app": "leaderboard",
  "tags": [ "DC", "us-east-1" ],
  "pid": 2440,

Tag Constraints


As many applications are comprised of tens, if not hundreds or thousands, of processes it is often necessary to be able to filter a subset based on some criteria. The N|Solid Console offers a filtering mechanism with auto-complete to help you navigate your complex applications.

"Filter Search"


Typing just the filter name will list all of the items for that filter. Subsequent characters are then used to find partial matches within that filter.

"Supported Filters"

Here are the currently supported filters in the N|Solid Console:

Filter Name Description
host Hostname(s) for the selected application's processes
name Application name as specified by NSOLID_APPNAME
pid Process IDs (pids)
tag Custom process tags (if any) as specified by NSOLID_TAGS
title Process title(s)

You may enter multiple filters and search terms in the filter box. Multiple terms will be logically AND'ed together when they are applied to the set of processes being filtered.